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Best Kratom Vendor Guide & Best Place To Buy Kratom Online

Want to find the best place to buy Kratom online or locally right? Unfortunately it's not at head shops and other adult type stores because the products you get there are 2x-3x the price and the quality isn't that good therefore the effects you want to get from Kratom are mild at best if even noticeable. 

If you are looking to get the real effects that Kratom is know for, consider taking a look at the top 2 vendors (out of 35 vendors we tested from 2016-2018) that we rely on to consistently produce the best Kratom we have ever been able to get our hands on, and at affordable prices (when they are in stock). They are so confident they offer a "no questions asked-money back guarantee". Hands down, if you want to buy Kratom powder or capsules Coastline Kratom is the best between the 2 brands. Their website also has videos for all products. They show you the best way to take Kratom and what is the best Kratom Strain for that euphoria feeling. After reading this you will know that there is really only one manufacture online who sells the best Kratom, (Coastline Kratom), see the chart below. 

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The Search For The Best Kratom

Buying kratom isn’t as simple as just choosing the first product you come across. In this guide, we are going to talk about what you should look for when you’re purchasing kratom online. We’re also going to give you five mini-reviews of products that we feel are great quality and are worthy of being considered some of the best kratom products.


First and foremost, we want to stress the importance of making sure that your state or country allows the purchase, possession, and consumption of Kratom. There are some places in the world where the plant has been made illegal and you could get into some serious trouble. Fortunately, the substance is legal in most of the world.

Types Of Kratom Strains

When it comes to choosing kratom, you’re going to find that there are three basic categories to choose from:

Red Vein Kratom Leaf

Red Vein Kratom -used for pain relief

If you’re wondering which kratom strain is best for pain relief, red vein varieties are going to be your top choice. This type of kratom is known for its pain relieving properties because the alkaloids in these types of kratom has analgesic properties.

Also, you will find that these types of kratom will give you a calming effect, it’ll give you a positive outlook, and it can even help you fall asleep.

White Vein Kratom -used as mood enhancer

White vein kratom is preferred by people who are looking for a mood enhancer, but it will also help you to feel more alert and make concentration a little easier. Some people have said that this type of Kratom is capable of giving you an euphoric feeling without the nasty side effects that other substances can give you.

Also, with white vein, you can expect to have more energy so you can tackle the day with gusto.

Green Vein Kratom -used as mental enhancer and alertness

This variety of kratom is a nice blend of the white vein and red. It’s going to enhance your energy levels without making you feel jittery. It can also help improve your mental alertness and make focusing on your tasks much easier.

Green Vein Kratom Leaf

The green leaf kratom also has properties that will give you that pain relief that you may be searching for, without becoming drowsy. Interestingly, if you suffer from social anxiety, many like taking this variety because it makes you more sociable and carefree.

Along with these basic varieties, kratom also has a variety of strains that will give you different effects as well. Most shops will have popular strains like Maeng Da, Red Bali, Green Malaysian and so forth, but you also want to make sure there are other varieties too so that you can have more options to choose from when searching for the best kratom for your needs.


Kratom is available in a variety of forms. Most often people will seek out the powder or capsule form, however kratom can also be found as a resin, crushed leaves, or even a liquid. It’s nice to have options when you’re looking for kratom.

Sometimes you may want the ease of just taking a capsule or two in the morning instead of weighing the powder and then going through the process of making tea. However, some people find the process of making and drinking the tea only adds to the soothing effects you’d get from the kratom.


As you start shopping for the best Kratom brand, you’re going to find that there are a lot to choose from however only Coastline Kratom has been able to deliver the most pure Kratom over the years (since we've been testing brands from 2016-2018). You’ll want to take some time to learn the language that is associated with Kratom and Kratom products. Learn what the difference is between “Enhanced” and “Super” or “Premium.”

Kratom Quality Illustration

You don’t have to know everything about kratom, but knowing even just the basics is going to be enough to help you make an informed decision when making your purchase. A great way to learn about kratom is by visiting message boards and get recommendations from people who are familiar with kratom products and the effects.

Packaging And Volume

When you’re purchasing kratom from a vendor, you want to pay attention to how it is packaged, but you also want to be mindful of how much product you’re getting in that package.

The amount of product you receive is important because you could be charged a lot of money for a small amount of product. It’s always a good idea to shop around and make sure you’re getting the best deal.

If you find that you do like a particular strain of kratom and you’d like to buy more, you can find vendors that will give you wholesale or bulk pricing for larger orders.

Vendor Reputation

We’d like to think that every business that we deal with is going to be on the up and up. Unfortunately, that isn’t always the case and there are some shady businesses out there. Before you buy any product from a new vendor, you’ll want to read reviews on the vendor so you will know what is the best site to buy kratom from. Coastline Kratom (as mentioned before) is our top pick for many reasons. Visit their website and see for yourself (they offer a "no questions asked- money back guarantee" also.

Best Top Quality Ribbon

When you are looking at a vendor, you’ll want to make sure they have privacy protection in place so that your payment information is encrypted and safe.

You’ll also want to become familiar with their shipping and return policies. Some vendors have incredible policies, while others… Well, they do not.

Best Kratom Powder

Now that we’ve covered what you should look for when trying to find the best kratom, let’s take a look at some of the best kratom powder on the market.

Red Vein Bali

Red Bali Kratom is one of the most common strains that can be used to enhance your mood but also give you relief when you’re in pain. This particular variety comes from a Kratom tree whose leaves are larger than other varieties and they grow much quicker.

While this may not seem like an important factor in choosing a variety of Kratom, but we think it does matter because you know you’ll always be able to find, but it is going to be affordable too.

Notable features of the Red Vein Bali include:

  • Light Stimulation
  • Excellent Pain Relief
  • Great Mood Enhancement
  • Stress Relief and Sedation
  • Sleep Aid
Red Vein Bali Kratom


When looking at the reviews of the Red Vein Bali, we weren’t surprised to see so many people enjoy the effects they get from it. Customers who purchased the product from Kratom Crazy said that the price was very affordable, the packaging and service was very professional, and a few even went on to say that this was the best vendor for high quality products.

A few people said they were looking for kratom for sleep troubles, they tried this and they were able to fall asleep and sleep throughout the night. Of the powder itself, they like the aroma, it is smooth, and overall, people who suffer from pain feel that this was a life saver. Pretty great claims!

White Kratom Pack

If you’re new to the Kratom craze but you’re very interested in sampling a few varieties without spending a lot of money, then perhaps the White Kratom Pack from Coastline Kratom. With this pack, you have the opportunity to sample three types of popular white vein kratom, 25 grams for each, at an affordable price.

With this pack, you will get:

  • 25 grams of White Vein Maeng Da – Stimulation, pain relief, enhances mental and physical alertness and mental acuity.
  • 25 grams of White Vein Bali – Relaxation, clears your mind, slight pain relief
  • 25 grams of White Horned Kratom – Increases energy while having mild pain relief and sedation
Three Bags Of White Kratom


We couldn’t find any reviews of the entire pack as a whole, but we were able to find reviews on the different products offered in this pack. Customers like the energy boost you get with the Maeng Da and they especially like how long the effects last.

A few people revealed that the White Vein Bali helps them to decompress and unwind after a bad day, and it allows them to have a clear mind so they can take on other projects.

Of the white horned kratom, customers like that they were able to have plenty of energy to get through a busy day. If you’re looking for the best kratom for energy, then this sample pack is certainly worth giving a shot!

Best Kratom Capsules

These products are some of the highest rated kratom capsules on their respective websites, and we feel they are worth consideration.

Sumatra Red Vein Kratom Capsules

The Red Vein Sumatra capsules are made from the leaves of the Kratom trees found in Sumatra. The trees that this strain comes from has a high alkaloid content, which makes the capsules quite potent.

Many people believe that kratom is only effective in the leaf or powder form, however, it can be time consuming and a little difficult utilizing the kratom this way. However, with this being in a capsule form, you can just take a few capsules and be done with it.

Sumatra Red Vein Kratom Capsules


With the Sumatra Red Vein capsules, you will get the following effects:

  • Stress relief—mentally and physically
  • Relaxes the mind
  • Increases energy
  • Reduces pain and anxiety

When looking through customer reviews of this product, we weren’t surprised by the positive comments people had to say. Customers like that the capsules are easy to take and they don’t have to mess with boiling water to make tea.

They have also said that they liked that you only need one capsule to feel the effects, as the capsules have 600mg of the kratom, which is plenty—especially for those who are new to taking kratom.

People who purchased the capsules from Kratom Spot like how quickly the capsules arrived and they liked how much calmer they were. They felt like the capsules were able to focus better when they drink it with caffeine, but without the coffee, they feel nice and relaxed.

Maeng Da Thai Kratom Capsules

Maeng Da Thai kratom is one of the strongest strains available. The 00 capsules hold 750 mg of the kratom powder, which the perfect dose to get the desired effects.

The bioactive alkaloids in this product are fast acting and quite powerful, so it may be a good idea that you only use this particular strain if you are familiar with Kratom and you know how your body reacts to it, as it could be too strong for beginners.

Maeng Da Thai Kratom Capsules (OG Red Vein)


When you take the capsules, you will feel the following effects:

  • Mental and physical relief
  • Incredible pain relief
  • Aids in opioid addiction recovery
  • Helps with depression

Customers who have used this product were more than happy to give positive feedback on the product. Folks said that they feel that this is one of the most enjoyable strains they’ve tried.

People have said that they used to swear by one strain, but once they tried the Maeng Da, they wouldn’t go back. Customers said that they notice a huge improvement in their mood and they feel the Maeng Da helps to make them feel cool, confident, and incredibly productive.

Best Kratom Tea

Making a kratom tea is one of the best ways to get the most out of your kratom. So here is our top kratom tea.

Kratom Therapy Maeng Da Kratom Tea

For those who want to enjoy Maeng Da and use it instead of coffee, perhaps a Maeng Da tea would better suit your needs. We like this particular product because it is in a crushed leaf form, so you don’t have to worry about straining the powder after it has steeped in the water.

Kratom Therapy Maeng Da Kratom Tea


You can just put the crushed leaves in a tea infuser and let it steep in your mug. Once the tea is ready, you can empty out the infuser and enjoy your hot tea.

After you’ve sipped your tea, it wouldn’t be long before you start to feel these effects:

  • Relief from chronic pain
  • Depression-related symptoms disappears
  • Help cure opioid addiction

When looking for reviews of this particular product, we were unsuccessful because there wasn’t much information on the website. We did, however, do some other research and found that people were pretty pleased with their experience with the Maeng Da tea.

They said that the process of preparing the tea took about 20 minutes, 10 minutes to simmer and then another 10 to steep. Upon drinking the tea, they felt more comfortable in social settings, they felt happier, and their surroundings felt more vibrant and lively.

Many feel that this variety is the best kratom for depression because it seemingly lifts your spirits and brings you out of that dark fog you may feel.

Wrap Up

There’s no denying that Kratom has countless benefits! Depending on the strain that you choose, you can feel incredible effects that could make you want to change your lifestyle. When you’re trying to decide which is the best Kratom product for you, you have to take into consideration what you want to use it for.

If you want Kratom for anxiety or depression, any type of Maeng Da will do the trick. You do have several choices on how you’d like to take it, either in capsule form, powder form, or as crushed leaves so you can make tea with it.

Young Woman Relaxing On Couch

If you are looking for kratom that is going to give you energy too, you might enjoy the White Vein Kratom pack offered by Coastline Kratom. With that, you can test three types of white kratom, with Maeng Da being one of them.

For those who are looking for quality Kratom powder for sale, most online vendors will have a great selection to choose from. When you are trying to choose vendors and products, you certainly want to be mindful of the things we covered at the start of this guide. We are certain, however, that when you do try one of these kratom products, you’ll be happy you did!

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